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selecting the best tile adhesive for your tiling project … transcription

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Will- Good morning Alexi, one of the greatest tilers I know, How are you mate?

Alexi- Good thanks How are you?

Will_ That’s excellent. I want to talk to you today about some of the issues and faults with adhesive that people don’t understand how important it is to have an adhesives and according to a different surface or tile in particular say for example bathrooms or swimming pool etc. What is your insight around that.

Alexi- Well you’ve seen it yourself with your own eyes we’ve gone out to a lot of job and seen a lot of issue.

Drummy (hollow sounding) tiles, tiles falling of the wall. Mainly because the wrong adhesive has been used for that purpose. So it’s important to know the surface and the type of tile that we’re adhering to, you can get specification from the manufacturer. It’s very important to go that extra mile, because there’s so many different surfaces.

In particular with stones a lot of tile around pools they’re using natural stones, You need to get those specs because so many different stones from all around the world, always like to get the specs from a glue company that will tell me to carry out a moisture sensitive test because if the stones are highly moisture sensitive then you need to use the right glue for that particular stone. Also large format tile depending on what size it is and also the way that the glue is applied.

So with large tiles or with stones you got to usually back butter the tile and then trowel, So that you get full adhesion no spot fixing, spot fixing you get cracks.
A lot of the problems you find these days on the walls if they’re not a 100% level tillers are going to spot fix on the corner and then they’re going to put it up.

It may not be a problem, May look good there and then but then later on you will have big problems with cracking or tiles falling off the wall.

Will- So in particular with bathrooms where there is waterproofing membranes. What happens there, what sort of adhesive should people use, do people make the mistakes?

Alexi- Yeah and it goes hand in hand with the waterproofing too. So if they’re using a PU membrane then you need to know what glue to use with that and its not common for that waterproofing to be use on the wall, So the right water based waterproof membrane need to be used on the wall so that we can use the normal rubber modified glue.

Will – fantastic, Thanks mate.