Everything is moving! When thinking why silicone? Consider that when laying tiles or pavers in outdoor areas, although on a concrete slab, contraction and expansion occurs below which will result in cracked, lifted or even erupted tile surfaces – see our Balmain project. To counter this, expansion and control joints made from UV resistant high-quality polyurethane ensure your tiles are as straight as day one. Wall and floor junctions in bathrooms are also key to comply to water tight code.

Epoxy grouting means your grout lines don’t ever stain! Required in areas such as commercial kitchens and hospitals. the epoxy grout system resists bacteria and grime. Perfect for an allergy susceptible home or commercial health standardised area.

Tiling Top 3

  • Don’t skimp on the silicone! Allows movement and seals wet areas
  • Use epoxy grout for the seamless look and healthy
  • Internal and external applications for long lasting mould resistance