Tile Benefits

Although commonly known, it must be confirmed that opposed to most other finishes tiles offer the ease of use, maintenance and durability second to none.

Our finishes are designed to outlast and withstand the day-to-day degradation unavoidable in our busy lives.

Did you know?

ZERO allergens | ZERO VOC’s | ZERO formaldehyde | ZERO PVC 

Best Value – Ceramic tiles have actually proven to be less costly per square metre over the long term than any other permanent flooring comparable

Durability – The most long lasting of all floor coverings tiles are water resistant, fire resistant, drop resistant, slip resistant and being processed through kiln manufacture will not fade over time like other market options

Clean and Healthy – Tiles do not absorb or omit any allergens, a perfect choice for the allergy susceptible

Building Green – Tiles are actually rated in the NABER’s code for green construction in Australia as the most environmentally sustainable covering product opposed to harmful rubber vinyl and timber products

Energy Efficient – Tiles actually act as another layer of insulation in your home and thermal absorption properties make it the perfect solution for under floor heating


Our happy customer share their experience working with us.

Beaumont Hills
16th October 2014
Fantastic work that Alexi has done, and now he’s doing our bathroom!